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When paying via Venmo or a check, 100% of your payment will be received by the Special Ups and Downs. When paying via credit card, a percentage will be deducted by Wix for credit card processing and not paid to Special Ups and Downs.

You can pay via Venmo, sending a check directly, or via credit card. For Venmo or sending a check, choose "Manual Payment" for your payment option.




Joey is a kid just like all of us, except there's something unique about him... he's a superhero. How? Well, Joey has Down Syndrome and all of the characteristics that he has because he has Down Syndrome are his super powers. Through all of the ups and the downs, Joey grows in his skills and his sister is there every step of the way to cheer him on. As she loves and helps her brother with his superpowers, she wonders, "can I be a superhero too?". She'll quickly see that, even though she isn't the type of superhero that her brother Joey is, she has been her own important kind of superhero all along.



This books teaches kids, and readers of all ages, what causes Down Syndrome, what traits or behaviors people with Down Syndrome often have, how to better understand people with Down Syndrome, and how to intentionally include and speak up for those with Down Syndrome. Because you never know when your advocacy will make YOU a superhero too!

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