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A book that teaches it all.

This book celebrates those who have Down Syndrome and educates the readers about what characteristics those with Down Syndrome often have, from the ups to the downs and everything in between. The goal

is that readers of all ages will be empowered and excited to become intentional advocates for the

Down Syndrome community and for inclusion.


My Story

From the moment my younger brother Josh entered our world, our lives were changed for the better.

Growing up, my parents taught my older brother and me to treat Josh how we want others to treat him because they'll look to us as the example. What an important mantle that has been for our family to carry, but one that we wouldn't trade for anything.

I was an elementary school teacher for many years and, as I searched for books to read with my students, I noticed a lack of age-appropriate books with engaging stories for young children that also taught the specific characteristics and factors that are involved with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. I knew, as a passionate advocate for the Down Syndrome community and as a sister who loves and adores her brother with every fiber of my being, that I needed to tell my story in a way that filled that literary void.

My goal and my prayer with this book is that all who read it walk away inspired to change their mentality about who someone with a disability is, and that all who read it begin to put aside their own reservations and plans, and embrace for their own lives the challenges, the patience, the open heart, and the unconditional love that Joey and his sister walk through together in this book.

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Joey is a kid just like all of us, except there's something unique about him... he's a superhero. How? Well, Joey has Down Syndrome and all of the characteristics that he has because he has Down Syndrome are his super powers. Through all of the ups and the downs, Joey grows in his skills and his sister is there every step of the way to cheer him on. As she loves and helps her brother with his superpowers, she wonders, "can I be a superhero too?". She'll quickly see that, even though she isn't the type of superhero that her brother Joey is, she has been her own important kind of superhero all along.


This books teaches kids, and readers of all ages, what causes Down Syndrome, what traits or behaviors people with Down Syndrome often have, how to better understand people with Down Syndrome, and how to intentionally include and speak up for those with Down Syndrome. Because you never know when your advocacy will make YOU a superhero too!

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