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A book that teaches it all.

This book celebrates those who have Down Syndrome and educates the readers about what characteristics those with Down Syndrome often have, from the ups to the downs and everything in between. The goal

is that readers of all ages will be empowered and excited to become intentional advocates for the

Down Syndrome community and for inclusion.


My Story

From the moment my younger brother Josh entered our world, our lives were changed for the better.

Growing up, my parents taught my older brother and me to treat Josh how we want others to treat him because they'll look to us as the example. What an important mantle that has been for our family to carry, but one that we wouldn't trade for anything.

I was an elementary school teacher for many years and, as I searched for books to read with my students, I noticed a lack of age-appropriate books with engaging stories for young children that also taught the specific characteristics and factors that are involved with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. I knew, as a passionate advocate for the Down Syndrome community and as a sister who loves and adores her brother with every fiber of my being, that I needed to tell my story in a way that filled that literary void.

My goal and my prayer with this book is that all who read it walk away inspired to change their mentality about who someone with a disability is, and that all who read it begin to put aside their own reservations and plans, and embrace for their own lives the challenges, the patience, the open heart, and the unconditional love that Joey and his sister walk through together in this book.

Purchase The Book

Joey is a kid just like all of us, except there's something unique about him... he's a superhero. How? Well, Joey has Down Syndrome and all of the characteristics that he has because he has Down Syndrome are his super powers. Through all of the ups and the downs, Joey grows in his skills and his sister is there every step of the way to cheer him on. As she loves and helps her brother with his superpowers, she wonders, "can I be a superhero too?". She'll quickly see that, even though she isn't the type of superhero that her brother Joey is, she has been her own important kind of superhero all along.


This books teaches kids, and readers of all ages, what causes Down Syndrome, what traits or behaviors people with Down Syndrome often have, how to better understand people with Down Syndrome, and how to intentionally include and speak up for those with Down Syndrome. Because you never know when your advocacy will make YOU a superhero too!

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1000 homes and 100 classrooms?!
Be a part of our goal.

One of the goals in creating this book is to get copies of the book into 1000 homes and 100 classrooms so that its message can reach as many readers and impact as many lives as possible. By purchasing this book, you are inspiring the readers to be advocates.

When you check out, please include the name(s) of the homes, readers, and/or classrooms that you are purchasing this book for. For example, "The Charles family", "Miss Mann's Kindergarten class", "Harper and Oliver", etc. If you are ordering more than one book for more than one home or classroom, please include all names. You will see a section at check out titled "Names of Homes and Classrooms" where we ask that you fill out these names.

We will keep a running list on the website of the homes and classrooms that this book is being read by to celebrate the ripple effect of this important lesson. You can check out this on the "Advocates" page.

What Readers Are Saying

As a sibling, it is wonderful to see a book that helps explain, in an accessible way, what makes those with Down syndrome special and how those things are to be embraced. I also appreciated that the book acknowledged that, while our friends with Down syndrome are known to be happy, they are in fact human and experience the same range of emotions we all feel. This book is a reminder to us all of the power that comes from welcoming all those we meet as friends and valuing who they are! 


Co-founder and Director of LiveUp Programs

Sister of young adult with Down Syndrome

Who is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who intentionally speaks up for something or someone, who passionately encourages support for a cause, who is a supporter or defender, and who fights for the rights of others.

Are you an advocate?

When you purchase a book (or more than one!), the home or classroom

that is receiving the book will be added to this list of those who pledge

to be advocates for the Down Syndrome community.

Be a part of sending this book into 1,000 homes and 100 classrooms!


Homes and Families

  1. Steve and Linda Brown

  2. Caleb, Miram, and Luca

  3. The Charles Family

  4. Erik and Family

  5. The Urbine Family

  6. Moshe Welch

  7. Naomi and Storm Kemmerer

  8. Forrest, Johanna, Teddy, Benny and Theia Kemmerer

  9. Grant Artus

  10. The Pogues

  11. Carol C.

  12. Tammy Leider

  13. Bobbie-Lynn C.

  14. Tina B.

  15. Emily S.

  16. Rachel Rose

  17. Lauren Coleman

  18. The Lowenthals

  19. Susan Chandler

  20. Betsy Baron

  21. Brian and Bee Geller

  22. Matt Rosenberg

  23. The Patel Family

  24. The Mann Family

  25. The Finley house

  26. The Kelley family

  27. The Chernoff family

  28. Peter and Faith Yesner

  29. Steve and Stacy Skinner

  30. The Bernis family

  31. Tanya Palmer

  32. "

  33. Rachel Kaufman

  34. Rob Worthington-Kirsch

  35. "

  36. Carolyn Williams

  37. The Hart Family

  38. The Seidner Home

  39. The Tan Family

  40. The Jones Family

  41. Tina DeVuono

  42. Anchour

  43. The Pogue Family

  44. The Toth Family

  45. Joe Miterko

  46. Stacy Bania

  47. Ivan Mieth

  48. The Mieth Family

  49. Alycia Mieth

  50. Cole Chreitien and family

  51. Rabbi Eric Carlson

  52. Allie Rivera

  53. Stephanie Caracelo

  54. David Tokajer

  55. Ella R.

  56. Kennedy and Josephine

  57. The Salkind Family

  58. The Edelstein Family

  59. The Lawson Family

  60. The Summers Family

  61. "

  62. "

  63. DiGiorgio Family

  64. The Kellam Family

  65. Arlene Buffum

  66. Amanda Jacobs

  67. Mila, Ivy, and Leora

  68. Hannah Bragg

  69. The Snodgrass Family

  70. The Kullman Family

  71. The Hurtado Family

  72. Scott and Trudy Orthey

  73. Alexia Formby

  74. "

  75. Andrea Yesner

  76. "

  77. Kristy Hunt

  78. Ari and Karen Hauben

  79. Sharri and Philip Zelson

  80. Heidi Hildick

  81. The Paisley Home

  82. Christina, Caleb, and Nicholas

  83. The Bramble Family

  84. Barbara and Mitch

  85. Joshua Aaron

  86. Aaron Shust

  87. Norah and Levy

  88. The Goldberg Family

  89. Janice McPhillips

  90. Denzel Pollock

  91. "

  92. Bonny Hunt

  93. Kendall Yarosh

  94. The Jacobs

  95. The Halpern Family

  96. Melissa Moskowitz

  97. John and Rachel Hartin

  98. The Taylor Family

  99. The Fischer Family

  100. Jimmy Smith

  101. Nate and Rachael Itescu

  102. Jaclyn Adams

  103. Harper and Oliver

  104. Agostinelli Family

  105. The Uckun Family

  106. Michaela Marcellino

  107. Mara and Ben Weisman

  108. The Horol Family

  109. The Kungu Family

  110. The Graves Family

  111. Josh and Cara Itescu

  112. Heaven Lewis

  113. The Brown Family 

  114. "

  115. "

  116. "

  117. The Goldstein Family

  118. The Boyd Family

  119. Carter, Cayden, and Casey

  120. The Chefran Family

  121. Nana-mbra Idun

  122. Malchione-Hanes Home

  123. Hanes Home

  124. Elizabeth Kwoka

  125. Sharon Grindle

  126. Talia Ashby

  127. The Krause House KC

  128. Jenna Edmunds

  129. Smith Family

  130. Caleb Goldberg

  131. Rabbi Steve Weiler

  132. "

  133. "

  134. "

  135. Ellie and Judah B.

  136. Tara Cerce

  137. London and Kai

  138. Alec

  139. Sivan, David, and Sabra Brickner

  140. Rebekah G.

  141. "

  142. Schlabach Family

  143. Amy Moore

  144. Reid Kellam

  145. Rachel Grayson

  146. The Malcolm Family

  147. Matt Adams

  148. Courtney J.

  149. Peggy Koustik

  150. Rosie Amsterdam-Mac

  151. Aaliyah

  152. Parth Bhatt

  153. Carter and Nora

  154. Ruth Stepakoff

  155. Carrie Paul-Stein

  156. Mary Donahue

  157. Charissa Wendland

  158. Holly Pott

  159. Jeff and Kathy Warnick

  160. Tamar S.

  161. Tim Lawrence

  162. Steven Granado

  163. Lauren M.

  164. Emma Leitson

  165. Misha Hoyt

  166. Deb Dickerson

  167. Willow, Olivia, and Delilah

  168. Lauren Cavacini

  169. Amanda Stern

  170. The Polley Family

  171. Yohann Kurzweil

  172. Jonathan Orona

  173. Lisa A Kowalski

  174. The Schaul Family

  175. Erin Perry

  176. Linsi Clain

  177. Maryrose Graves

  178. Susan Kellam

  179. Morgan McFatridge

  180. Kylie

  181. McFatridge Family

Classrooms and Schools

  1. 2nd grade Corinth Elementary

  2. Bobbie-Lynn's son's 2nd Grade classroom
  3. Cindy H.'s special education classroom
  4. "
  5. "
  6. Cynthia M.'s classroom
  7. Courtney F.'s classroom
  8. Ms. Campbell's preschool class
  9. Kelly Merk/Pope Classroom
  10. Mrs. Gray's class
  11. Megan at Evergreen Elementary School
  12. Kristen at the DCIU
  13. Mrs. Lindemuth's classroom
  14. Avon Grove Charter School
  15. Mrs. Kerins' Art Class
  16. Ms. Cross' 2nd grade classroom
  17. Springton Manor Elementary
  18. Willowdale Jennersville
  19. Childhood Psychologist Mainline PA
  20. Childhood Psychiatrist Mainline PA
  21. Miss Kramer's classroom
  22. Upper Darby Schools
  23. Springton Lake Presbetyrian Church
  24. The John G. Leach School
  25. "
  26. "
  27. Ms. Miraglia's classroom
  28. Mrs. Dankert's 2nd grade classroom
  29. Unionville Chaddsford School District
  30. "
  31. "
  32. "
  33. Mrs. Barry's Tree House Room
  34. Saint Matthew Christian Nursery School
  35. Ditmas Park Pediatrics
  36. Shoreline Christian School's Pre-K Classroom
  37. Shoreline Christian School's 2nd grade Classroom
  38. Shoreline Christian School's 4th grade Classroom
  39. Tree of Life Messianic Jewish Congregation
  40. Lakewood Elementary School
  41. Shoresh David
  42. Simchat Yeshua
  43. "
  44. East Ward Elementary School
  45. Mrs. Bertolino’s Class
  46. Robert Goldschmidt and Shabbat Classroom
  47. The Learning Experience Oldsmar
  48. Jenny Warnick’s Therapy Library
  49. Mrs. Worthington’s 2nd Grade Class
  50. Ms. M
  51. Ms. F
  52. Mrs. Barry
  53. Mr. Riddle
  54. Mrs. Seals
  55. Mrs. Forstrom
  56. Gina Wygonik
  57. Mr. Pata's 6th Grade Classroom
  58. Beth Hallel's Children's Ministry

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