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Inclusion doesn't have to be complicated. ‼️

Inclusion doesn't have to be complicated. ‼️

Yes, it can feel overwhelming or like you don’t even know where to start.

But now let’s restart using this way of looking at inclusion. 👇🏼

Ask yourself these questions…

❔Am I being intentional and stepping outside of your comfort zone, or just sticking to the status quo and doing things as you’re used to doing them?

❔Is the person able to be an equal part of the environment, or are they struggling to keep up?

❔Are they valued and an integral part of things, or seen as a burden or inconvenience?

❔Are they given accommodations to meet their differences, or expected to keep up in the same way as everyone else?

❔Are you giving them continual love and care, or brushing them off sometimes because it isn’t always easy?

Honestly, where do you fall in all of this? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Are you feeling like you still have a lot to learn about inclusion? Is it something that you’d still like more clarity on?

➡️ “The Ups and Downs of a Very Special Superhero” book will equip you with strategies for inclusion and a better understanding of how to do it well. Check it out using the link in my bio.




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